Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers: What You Need to Know

Originally Posted On: Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers: What You Need to Know

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can be painful. What at one time may have been something to ‘take the edge off’ or ‘have fun’ can turn into a dependency—or full-blown addiction—that consumes a person’s life. For many, it destroys lives and for others, it robs them of any peace of mind or happiness they once had.

Drug and alcohol treatment centers know the truth of this plight all too well.

Finding the right alcohol and drug rehab is crucial when it comes to putting down the drug or alcohol and beginning the road to recovery armed with the best information about addiction and how to stay sober.

There are about 15,000 drug and alcohol treatment centers across the United States—and the numbers are growing. When it comes to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, there are many choices. For this reason, if you are considering going to drug and alcohol treatment centers for help, it’s important to know what to look for to meet your unique recovery needs.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation: Not All Treatment Centers Are Right for You

Once you have made a decision to seek treatment for either an alcohol use disorder (AUD) or a substance use disorder (SUD), or both, it’s important to pause and look at your choices. For many, this decision to get help is the most difficult part of the recovery process. And while out of fear you may want to rush in and go to the first alcohol and drug rehab that you find, that may not be the best approach.

Just as each person is unique and their story of addiction is unique so too must any effective treatment program. Evidence-based treatment programs at any rehab should be customized to meet your specific needs.

For example, do you have a chronic pain condition that makes it difficult to stop using prescription painkillers? Then you’ll want a treatment center that helps you to heal physically and find other, healthier ways to address the ongoing pain.

Are you or your loved one a first responder? If so, seeking treatment at a drug and alcohol treatment center with not only experience in effectively treating first responders but also with programs specifically designed to meet the needs of this group is important.

At Futures Recovery Healthcare, we offer programs specifically designed to treat both first responders (Hero’s Ascent Track) and individuals living with chronic pain (Pain Track). In addition, Futures has specialized treatment programs for those who have experienced trauma (Trauma Track) which is so common when it comes to addiction to alcohol or other substances.

While there are many excellent drug and alcohol treatment centers across the nation and world, it’s important to find the one that meets your (or your loved one’s) unique recovery needs. Take an honest look at yourself and your situation. Do you have more than one addiction? Do you have a chronic health problem? Are you in a high profile occupation and need more confidentiality than others? Do you have any co-occurring mental health disorders like depression or anxiety?

Once you have honestly answered these questions search for drug and alcohol treatment centers offering evidence-based treatment that include any of these other needs. Futures is here to help you or your loved one begin the journey of recovery from addiction to alcohol or drugs. Contact us confidentially online or call 866-804-2098.