Why Choose Luxury Rehab Centers for Alcohol or Drug Abuse?

Originally Posted On: Why Choose Luxury Rehab Centers for Alcohol or Drug Abuse?

Alcohol use disorders (AUD) and substance use disorders (SUD) continue to increase across not only the nation but also across the globe. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2018 46 people died each day from an overdose of prescription opioids—and that’s just part of the picture.

The CDC also reports that in 2018 nearly 70% of all overdose drug deaths were from some type of opioid. Add to those numbers death from AUD and other drug overdoses and the picture becomes even grimmer. However, despite the increase in both drug use and overdose deaths, there are many who are seeking help for addiction.

With thousands of rehabs to choose from, anyone seeking help for an AUD or SUD has a lot of choices. And while having options is a good thing, sometimes too many and it’s hard to make a decision. When it comes to treatment for an alcohol or drug addiction luxury rehab centers should be considered.

The Luxury Rehab Treatment Centers Difference

If you or someone you love is struggling with an alcohol addiction or substance use issue it’s important to find a luxury rehab center for addiction that meets your needs. Oftentimes at this stage of addiction, your mind may be clouded and it can be difficult to think things out. As you scroll through addiction treatment website after website it’s hard to know which one is best, which one will make the difference you or your loved one desperately need.

Luxury rehab centers offer something different than your run of the mill addiction treatment centers. Not only do these luxury drug and alcohol treatment centers offer amenities not found at other rehabs, but they also offer services that enable a more individualized and custom treatment for addiction.

It’s vital that any effective treatment for alcohol or drug addiction be tailored to each individual. Everyone has a different story when it comes to addiction whether to alcohol or drugs—illicit and prescription. And while there are many commonalities in addiction, each person has their unique journey and experience. Addiction treatment should be no different.

Luxury rehab treatment centers are best positioned to create and execute individualized treatment plans for each person who comes to them for help. With evidence-based treatment at the forefront of luxury rehab centers’ approach treatment programs are able to be customized to individual needs.

For example, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 7.7 million people in the United States have co-occurring substance use and other mental health disorders. This is important to understand. Many people ‘self-medicate’ for mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression with alcohol and drugs. Often, when an individual enters luxury treatment centers they realize they have not only an AUD or SUD but a co-occurring mental health disorder.

It’s vital to be certain that the treatment center you choose offers evidence-based treatment for not only addiction but also any possible co-occurring mental health disorders. Futures Recovery Healthcare is well-versed in treating co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders in a luxury treatment setting.

In addition, luxury rehab centers are able to offer more privacy and confidentiality than many standard addiction treatment centers. At Futures, we have treated high-profile individuals who have come to us for not only our excellence in addiction treatment but also because of our high level of discretion and confidentiality. This isn’t found at other treatment centers.

For many, when they think of luxury drug rehab centers they think of just the amenities. And while having these comforts is important as you traverse the early stages of recovery, the individualized treatment and privacy features are vital for many. Being able to know that you have complete privacy as your recovery begins and that the treatment program isn’t a one size fits all approach can make all the difference.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, Futures can help. Contact us today online or call 866-804-2098.